LTM Leather Co.– the possibility to buy tannery cow and other cattle skin and leather for upholstery

Cattle leather is one of the most demanded raw materials in the light industry. The quality of tannery pelt product (especially for upholstery and leather footwear) manufacturing depends on the quality of leather processing. The professionally handled skin, and, in particular, cow leather represents the upholstery tannery material with such qualities as:

  • flexibility;
  • durability;
  • uniformity.

The most common material for upholstery widely used in industry is cow skin. Sometimes they buy hides of more exotic animals.

The specification of our company’s activity is the sale of cow leather and cattle hides of different grading for upholstery, footwear and clothing. We provide an opportunity to buy leather of bull and other cattle of high quality for their further use.

The field of using of tannery cattle leather.

cow skin 

Shoes production. Bull and cow leather is widely used in this industrial area. The raw material for shoes should be flexible – it provides its long life and comfortability. The modern methods of leather processing, used by our company, allow to obtain a high-quality tannery material to buy for footwear industry.

Leather clothing. It includes different types of men’s and women’s wear: cloaks, jackets etc. There are plenty of methods of cow and bull hides processing to get different leather textures.

Furniture production. Pelt is widely used as an upholstery material for furniture. Our company produces a high-quality upholstery leather for sofas and car seats. To buy the upholstery leather, you should consult our specialists about the conditions of furniture using and possible pressure on it. You may choose Crust or Wet-blue of different thickness and color for upholstery – the choice of cow leather or other animal pelt depends on your aims and requirements.


Stages of animal hides processing.

upholstery leather

The high-quality processing of cow leather and other cattle pelts includes lots of stages with different chemical and temperature criteria. This allows to obtain upholstery leather and other tannery materials of the best quality and long life. Our company respects all the stages that play a significant role in all this process:

  1. Total hide weighing. This process plays an important role in calculation of chemicals, which would be used in leather tannery to make hides suitable for upholstery and further consumption.
  2. Preparation for tanning. It includes pelt dehairing followed by cleaning and salting.
  3. Tanning. On this stage leather is assured flexibility and endurance. The process of tannery involves chemical reactions, aimed at fixing structure of the upholstery material.
  4. Lamination. Natural tannery leather usually has a thickness of about 1 cm. The professional equipment used by our company allows to delaminate bull, pig and cow leather for different purposes. We produce and realize Crust for upholstery of different thickness:

    • 0,9 – 1,1
    • 1,2 – 1,4
    • 1,3 – 1,5

    Our partners can also buy Wet-blue leather of pig hides.
  5. Finishing operations. On this stage the duplicate material – upholstery leather - is obtained all necessary qualities (physical, technological, hygienic) and marketable condition. This process includes coloring of upholstery leather and its fatliquoring.

The priority of our company’s activity is a high-quality manufacturing of cow leather and other types of tannery salted cattle pelts for upholstery or shoes and leather clothes production. We produce leather for large companies in different countries: Italy, Russia, Spain and others.